What makes Finn Family Dog Training the BEST dog training company in Denver?

  • Proven Results: We don't expect you to invest time, money and in some cases, blood, sweat and tears, into your dog just for the heck of it.  We are here to bring real, meaningful, long-term change to your dog's behavior and help you both enjoy each other's company on a regular basis.  
  • Client-Friendly, Simplified Approach:  Although it can feel a bit overwhelming in the beginning, it's our job to help simplify the training process so you don't have to become a dog trainer just to have a dog that listens.  But simplified doesn't mean dumbed down- we still fully prepare you to handle even the most stubborn, out of control dogs. We just do it in a way that reduces stress during an already stressful point in you and your dog's relationship. 
  • Lifestyle Training: Our main goal is to set you and your dog up for success for the long term.  We'll give you a plan that compliments your lifestyle while implementing some boundaries to help your dog be the best version of themselves they can be. 
  • Continuing Education: Working with us is just not for a few weeks or months but for the life of your dog. By training with us, you'll have continued access to our expertise through our VIP Facebook group, monthly group classes, hikes and pack walks while building meaningful relationships with other dog owners going through similar experiences with their dogs.
  • Empowering Owners: Approaching anything new, especially involving someone or something you care so deeply about, can feel a bit daunting.  We are here to break things down into bite size, manageable pieces and build on your successes each week.  We want to show you that the dog you have today does not have to be the dog you have tomorrow.  We will give you the tools and resources to make it happen. But most importantly, we will show you that you have what it takes to help your dog's behavior change right before your eyes.
  • Dedication and Tenacity: Helping our clients have a better relationship with their dogs is our life's work.  We are dedicated to seeing you and your dog succeed, no matter how high the mountain of problems there may be.  As long as you are just as determined and committed, we will be by your side helping you through every obstacle you encounter with your dog and celebrating every success and new milestone.
  • Fun!: When you can trust your dog to listen, to be calm in a crazy world and to look to you for guidance no matter the situation, you then have the confidence to bring your dog with you on more adventures. In turn, you get to experience more things that matter to you with the dog that matters most. You didn't get a dog to leave it locked in a crate or banished to the backyard when something fun is going on. Life's an adventure, bring the dog.

Meet Your Trainer: Laura Errington

e-collar training Denver

Frustrated. Conflicted. Embarrassed. Scared. Those are the four emotions I had on constant replay as I struggled to find a fix for my naughty dog, Ellie Belle (pictured right).  I was frustrated because she was stubborn as hell and I was the last thing she'd ever pay attention to (even though I was the one feeding her).  I was conflicted because I was her third owner and despite what other people told me, I was not ready to give up on her by returning her to the shelter.  I was embarrassed because I was always that crazy neighbor chasing her dog down the street while screaming at her to come back. And I was scared that she was going to get hurt or killed on one of her unauthorized field trips. She regularly insisted on crossing very busy roads in an effort to outrun thunder or to catch a critter.

Then in 2014, Ellie's luck ran out when she sliced her side open on a fence while she was once again bolting out of the door after a squirrel.  After a $3,000 vet bill and an injured dog that needed nursed back to health (and still had not learned her lesson), I knew this pattern wasn't sustainable for Ellie, my sanity, or my bank account.  So to the internet I went to try to find a solution!  There was no shortage of information out there and I became overwhelmed on a whole new level trying to sort through it all.

Eventually, I was able to determine what worked and what didn't.  I learned how to actually communicate with a dog in a way they understand and will listen to (note: yelling at them down the street isn't it).  I also learned how to build our relationship on mutual respect and trust and why giving Ellie a ton of structure and crystal clear direction in the home, makes her a better dog inside AND beyond the front door.  Then after making those changes, something truly amazing happened- she started to listen to me!  She started choosing me over her archnemesis, the neighborhood squirrels.  I actually cried the first time she turned around mid-chase and came running over to me instead.  I had seen plenty of before and after training videos online but I was skeptical that it would work on Ellie too.  After all, they didn't know my dog. But, much to my relief, it did work!  And in the process, it ended up changing not only my life, but Ellie's life too.

Even though Ellie now enjoyed off-leash hikes and being my go-to adventure buddy, I still knew so many other families that were struggling with their own versions of Ellie that needed help too.  After having success with Ellie, I felt like I was sitting on a game-changing secret that I wanted to shout from the rooftops. I knew I couldn't just stop at helping my dog. And thus, Finn Family Dog Training was born! 

I have made it my life's work to keep as many dogs as possible in their homes while also empowering their humans with the right tools and philosophies.  The goal is to not just manage your dogs but actually enjoy their company on a regular basis. I am truly grateful and humbled to each of my clients that has allowed me to be part of such a remarkable and meaningful transformation for both the humans and the dogs.  To my future clients, I sincerely hope we are able to work together and help you enjoy more adventures with your dog.