Foundation Training

Perfect for families that have recently added a new puppy or dog to the family. Invest in your newest family member's success from the beginning.  We'll help you incorporate training and socialization into your current lifestyle through our personalized one one one training sessions while eliminating the most common behavior problems.

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Behavior Modification

Curb those annoying and dangerous habits while discovering all that your dog is capable of learning with our highly successful private behavior modification lessons. We'll be your coach every step of the way as you become your dog's leader and communicate with them in a way that they can understand.

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Board and Train

Let us help your dog get a head start on new adventures with our comprehensive Board and Train package.  Perfect for busy families struggling with their dog or more severe issues, we'll teach your dog everything they need to be successful and off-leash reliable. 


Laura worked with my dog’s specific needs and challenges, and taught me how to work with her to correct the issues. She was always very patient and positive with both of us. Phoebe is a different dog now, more confident and calm, and so am I! We have a much more trusting relationship”
— Michelle W. and Phoebe

Be The Leader They Need.  They'll Be The Dog You Want.

Welcome to Adventures of Finn Dog Training, your personal Denver dog trainer specializing in Private Lessons and Board and Train options to help you build trust and respect between you and your dog.  You no longer have to struggle alone with the issues you are having with your dog.  The goals you have for your dog are now the goals we have for your dog.  Using our experience and real world approach, we will teach you everything you need to know to stop the bad behaviors long term and create lasting change, no matter the circumstances. It's time to make room for more of the good stuff-more trust, more understanding and more adventures with your dog!



We help bridge the language barrier between us and our four-legged friends.  We teach you how to communicate with your dog in a way he will understand, no matter the distraction.



As the humans, our dogs are looking to us for direction. We teach you how to build a long-lasting relationship with your dog and how to be successful in the real world.



Dog Training is a team sport. We are here to work with you every step of the way to stop unwanted behaviors for good, build confidence, and instill calm in your dog.